My name is david. I am sitting here at 11:12p.m. waiting a couple of hours before my girlfriend gets off work and comes over. for music i like dave matthews band, o.a.r. I also like north mississippi all starss, vertical horizon, dispatch, and many others. for movies i am big on comedies and disney. yes that is right i a young man in his 20's likes disney movies. my girlfriend really likes it too. my favorite disney movies are lion king and emperors new groove. My girlfriend's name is melody; i hope to marry her after i finish college in a couple of years. also i like sweaters. i have a sweater collection as well as an afghan blanket collection. i don't know where my sweater fetish came from.
if anyone would like to talk about music, sports, sweater fetish, movies, or just chat feel free to reply. i will do my best to reply in a reasonable amount of time. have a good day all.


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